Nandadeep take the training for the Architects, Engineers and Masons for AVD construction. Recently Nandadeep held the training of 50 Architects, Engineers and Masons; and latter followed by many other small training program for individual groups. Interested group may contact at

Nandadeep also take the trainee for structural engineering studies for one year duration. The practical hands on study for structural engineering covers following:

  1. Structural analysis and design using STAAD, ANSYS and similar finite element based software.
  2. Preparation of structural drawings.
  3. Construction methodology for AVD structures.
  4. Other technical aspects.

Nandadeep charge the fees of INR 1,20,000 for one year duration and issue the certificate on successful completion of training. During the training candidate works on real projects, and gather the desired competency in structural engineering.

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