Gyan Bhandar

This structure is planned as a library building for ancient Jain literature, constructed by Sanmarg Pariwar Trust. The structure is under construction using lime mortar and black basalt stone of Deccan trap. Typically hydraulic lime is not available commercially except for the company selling it worldwide from the United kingdom. Hence for this project, we undertook the manufacturing on-site for the lime, kiln photo is attached below.

The foundation of the work is completed. This is being constructed using hammer-dressed stone and hydraulic lime of very superior quality. The test result shows the strength of above 10 MPa at 28 days for lime mortar without any chemical or biological additives.

3D view for the proposed building

Typical Finite Element modelling

Masonry work for foundation

Lime Kiln for manufacturing of lime on site

Stone masonry arch construction

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