Global Pagoda

The Global Pagoda (also called Grand Pagoda) is the world’s largest stone-built dome, located at Gorai, Mumbai, India. The structure is a hollow stone monument having an octagonal base. The Pagoda externally rises uninterruptedly and smoothly into needle shape at the top through a circular bell shape, and forms a pillar-less hall within, having a diameter of 85 meters at plinth level. The height of the structure is 90+ meters. The pillar-less dome of such a magnitude is a civil engineering marvel with an assemblage of thousands of stones, each having a weight of approximately 600 to 700 Kg. The dome over dome construction of this magnitude is unique in the world.

The structure is approximately twice in diameter of any previously constructed unreinforced dome (Pantheon, Italy), and four times in the area covered. This structure opens the new possibilities of constructing the landmark gigantic religious building in harmony with nature using masonry. The structure is shown in figure 7. This structure was completed in the year 2008.

Project Team:
Architect: Shah And Dumasia Architectural Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
Structural Consultant: Nandadeep Designers and Valuers Pvt. Ltd.
Structural Proof Consultant: Prof. R.S. Jangid, IIT Bombay
Stone Consultant: Late Shri. Chandu Bhai Trivedi

 Sectional View

 Limca Book of record

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