AVD (Arches Vault and Dome) and Stone Masonry

What is the life expectancy of the structure that we are constructing using modern methods and material of constructions? With reinforced concrete, the life expectancy of the structure reaches to 50 years and with some maintenance and precautions during construction it can be extended to 70 years. Whereas, with steel structures and with post tensioning it reduces to 30 to 50 years only.

We are constructing massive infrastructures in the country without much of the considerations to its durability. As such, if we look in the past then the structures which are constructed by our forefather are standing for many centuries, some structures are standing for more than thousand years. The example of such structures can be many, Pantheon, St. Perter Basilica, Hagia Sophia and Taj Mahal are few of such wonders standing for many centuries. We are standing far behind in terms of technology for the durable structures from what was constructed by ancient builders. What made these structures to stand for so many centuries and why our built structures are failing to even to serve for our lifespan? This is the question we are trying to address through research and technical consultancy services at Nandadeep for construction of arches, vaults and domes using stone (or bricks) and hydraulic lime mortar.

Following are some stone masonry (or brick masonry) arches, vaults and dome (AVD) structures designed by Nandadeep:

We have list of the satisfied and repetitive clients, some of the appreciations are attached here:

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