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The foundation for Nandadeep Designers and Valuers was established in year 1984, by establishing proprietary firm for providing technical services in the field of Architectural and structural consultancy. The firm has designed hundreds of the residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Nandadeep Designers and Valuers Pvt Ltd is formally become operational in 2008.

In past 10 years, company had progressed under guidance of Er. N. R. Varma and leadership of Ar. Pusushottam Varma, Dr. Mahesh Varma, Ar. Pallavi Varma.

Ar. Pusushottam Varma heading Architectural division of company has vast experience and expertise with architectural planning. After completing his masters from VNIT (Nagpur) and 5 years work experience with Ministry of Baharin, he joined the organization. He was awarded with appreciation award for his contribution while working under Ministry of Baharin.

Dr. Mahesh Varma, heading structural engineering division of company, has completed his masters and doctorate study from IIT Mumbai and later completed his post-doc from Technical university of Milan (Politecnico di Milano). He developed his specialization and interest into design of Arches, Vault and Domes (AVD) using un-reinforced stone and brick masonry. He has published many research papers in noted journals and international conferences on ancient stone masonry and AVD analysis methods.

Ar. Pallavi Varma has developed her interest into ancient lime mortar technologies and topology study for AVD structures, and leading many research and execution projects with using of AVD technology.

Nandadeep is presently providing the architectural and structural consultancy services to:

  1. Construction of Arches, Vaults and Domes structures using lime mortar and stone or brick masonry for the new constructions.
  2. Construction of industrial structures.
  3. Other projects like commercial buildings, hospitals, residential buildings.

The construction using Arches Vault Dome (AVD) uses the geometrical strength rather than using the material strength. In using AVD, every structural component is kept in compression and as far as possible the tension in the structure is avoided. AVD structures are typically tranquil and very durable when compared with the modern constructions using flat elements like beams and slabs. The life expectancy of the structure built using modern materials like cement and steel with the use of flat elements does not exceed 70 years, whereas the structures built using AVD can last for 500 to 1000 years or even more. Nandadeep Designers and Valuers Pvt. Ltd. (NDVPL) group works on all fronts in this field, in research, in new AVD constructions consultancy and in conversations of the existing structures. Here in Nandadeep group we believe in creating Heritage!

Nandadeep is also giving consultancy to many industrial projects. The clients include the vendors of the HONDA, Maruti, Bajaj, Hero and many other automobile giants. The time is essence of any industrial project and we understand this vital requirement of industrial sector and hence we could receive many appreciations from our clients for timely delivering of the projects and also for the quality and cost inputs provided by us.

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