Nandadeep have developed the completely new analysis approach for studying the stability of masonry AVD structures. This analysis method is called as Finite Element Thrust Line Analysis (FETLA) which successfully combine the simplicity of thrust line analysis and versatility of finite element analysis. For obtaining the software, one may contact Dr. Mahesh Varma. The publication in international journal and international conferences on FETLA attached below:

M. Varma, S. Ghosh, G. Milani, Finite Element Thrust Line Analysis (FETLA) of Axisymmetric Masonry Dome with Meridian Cracks, Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vol. 865, pp. 397-402, 2017

'Finite element thrust line analysis of axisymmetric masonry domes’, Int. Journal of Masonry Research and Innovation, 2016 Vol.1, No.1, pp.59 - 73.

‘Effect of tension rings on the stability of axisymmetric masonry domes’, Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Conference on Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Computing (Civil-Comp 2015), Prague, Czech Republic, September 2015.

‘Thrust Line Using Linear Elastic Finite Element Analysis for Masonry Structures’, Advanced Materials Research, Vols. 133-134, pp. 503-508, 2010.

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